Gorgeously Delicious... Simply Divine

Discover why DIVINITY is fast becoming one of New Zealand's most desirable makers of premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic products.

Our dream of producing world class Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been realised by winning Gold and Silver Medals at the internationally acclaimed Los Angles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards three years consecutively.


Why the name DIVINITY

According to ancient Greek legend the olive tree was a gift from a Divinity Athena, daughter of Zeus. The tree was offered by Athena in a contest with Poseidon for the possession of Athens.

The Athenians chose Athena’s gift and the olive tree has remained a central part of Greek life ever since for all of its profound qualities. The leaves have been used to crown the heads of victorious athletes, generals and kings, the wood used to construct houses and boats, the oil used to give fuel to lamps, rubbed into the toned, muscled bodies of lithe athletes, added to all food dishes and the olives themselves — a staple in the Mediterranean diet and a valuable export throughout antiquity and today. 


What is so special about Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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